Your Complete Solution to the Spanish Property Market!

Moving to Spain has never been easier.

Your Complete Solution to the Spanish Property Market!

Moving to Spain has never been easier.

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Do you sell the houses on the site?

No, we do not sell the properties, that you see on Sunnyhomes4U. We cooperate with leading real estate agents to showcase their properties on our site, but it is the relevant agent that handles the actual selling of properties.

Do you charge us anything, if we find our dreamhouse on your site?

No, we show the best and most diverse listing of real estate in Spain on our site at no cost what so ever for you as a potential house buyer. We charge the real estate agent a small fee for including their listings on Sunnyhomes4U.

Is Sunnyhomes4U just about property listings

Having the best and most versatile listing of real estate in all of Spain is a main focus for us, naturally, but it does not stop here. Because we know, that after you have bought a house or an apartment here, you will most probably need a number of services, such as movers, cleaning services, hairdresser and auto mechanic, just to name a few.

Because of this Sunnyhomes4U will show you a great spectrum of service providers in your area.

Im a real estate agent, how do I get my listings on Sunnyhomes4U?

It is simple - just contact us and we will be happy to include your listings on our site.

Do I have to send you all my texts, images and more to get my listings on your site?

No, thats the beauty of it; when we make a deal to show your listings on Sunnyhomes4U we take care of everything with our unique scraping modules that “sees” the same thing as everyone else can see on your site, and shows it in our beautifully and sleekly designed site.

What do you do to market your site?

We employ a great deal of effort in market Sunnyhomes4U on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as performing SEO to provide potential buyers with the best possible platform for finding their new home with ease.

About us

Sunnyhomes4U is the place to go, when you are looking for a home in Spain.

We work with the very best real estate agents to bring you the most comprehensive list of property on the market, whether you are looking for apartment, a house, a finca or a lot to build on. If you are planing to move to Spain, you will find the most inspiring places to live here at our site.

If you are a real estate agent and want your properties listet on our site, then please contact us to find out more, how we can help you reach thousand of potential clients in all of Europe, Russia and the rest of the world.

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